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We Keep Top Notch Equipment

Highest quality equipment provide highest quality services

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At Transauto we take pride in our equipment.

We use only state of the art late model Peterbilt tractors.

Built rock-solid with an all-aluminum cab and hood, and a classic stainless steel grille.

GPS navigation shows routes customized to the size and weight of our trucks. Virtual gauges deliver real-time vehicle data. 

Elegant and bold, with unmistakable craftsmanship, the 389 is one of a kind.


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We use the best in class Cotrell Trailers.


The latest technology featuring a soft-tie system that meets the requirements of all new vehicle manufacturers.

Most of which are 80 footers to maximize space between vehicles to prevent damages from occurring. 

Combines past innovations and new technology to comply with new federal length regulations.


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The model CX-09LS is an efficient, effective quickloader-style unit.


Simplicity and durability are cornerstone descriptions of this stylish, proven model.

This trailer can be combined with our 3-Car CS, 3.5-Car CS, or 4-Car CS headramps making it a powerhouse within the marketplace. 

We are equipped with a special truck package for hauling full size pick ups.

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